Hernandez & Garcia has been one of the premier agencies helping brands connect with the Hispanic consumers in Chicago for decades. They have been able to endure for so long because they combine their expertise with an authentic dedication to helping their clients grow. They operate with the highest level of integrity and they are fearless about innovating new ways to add value to their client and vendor relationships. It is an honor to get to work with this iconic agency.

Doug Levy
President & General Manager, Univision, Chicago.


I have worked with Hernandez and Garcia for many years and can attest to their professionalism. Their commitment and passion makes them easy to work with. They understand Goya's mission and always capture the spirit and core message of our brand. H&G always negotiate to maximize benefits and best exposure for the brand. I can’t put in words or quantify how much H&G have done for GOYA, they are “FAMILY”.

Rafael Rodriguez
General Manager, Goya Foods, Midwest.


As an owner operator of several local McDonald's restaurants in the Chicago Metro area and President of the MHOA (McDonald's Hispanic Owner-Operators Association) I recognize H&G's contributions to our marketing and public relations efforts. They are professional, reliable, and client focused.  We have worked alongside for many years. Happy to have them on our team!

Carmen Solano-De Carrier
President of MOCNI's MHOA (McDonald's Hispanic Owner-Operators Association).


When I was branch manager for the Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Chicago I had the opportunity to work with Hernandez and Garcia in our outreach efforts to the Hispanic market. With a very knowledgeable and creative team, they were able to highlight the fun, youthful image of the brand and achieve great success for us at the retail level.
One great example was the Refrescantes retail activation campaign created to make a direct positive impact on our customers and provide them with a great brand experience.
In addition, their excellent relationships with local media, community influential and organizations was always a plus for our public relations efforts. I was very fortunate to have them as part of my team.

John Rosales
State Commissioner at the Illinois Commerce Commission